Not long after he’d been substituted on, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was brought off due to an apparent injury.

Arsene Wenger has now confirmed that it’s a ‘muscular problem’, which could mean anything.

It could mean it’s just tight or he’s slightly pulled it, which should only be a few games out, or it could be more of a tear, in which case he will most likely be out for even longer.

Given the Ox’s history with injuries, it’s a little worrying, especially as he’d managed to stay fit so far this season, having made 23 appearances in all competitions.

He was also on a decent run. Although his performance against Everton wasn’t the best, before this, he’d scored six goals and assisted the same amount. More than he’s done before and we’re only part-way through the season.

I sincerely hope this injury isn’t too serious and Alex was taken off as a precaution.