Arsenal players have been at the club, on average, longer than players at any other club in the Premier League according to data compiled by the CIES Observatory.

Players at Arsenal this season have been at the club, on average, for 3.99 years. The data is calculated on “Average number of seasons played in the first team squad of the employer club, weighted according to minutes played in the domestic league, from 1/7/16 to 21/11/16.”

This would seem to fly somewhat in the face of large portions of the media who insist that players are always looking for a way to get a move away from Arsenal.

Arsenal are clearly benefiting from having so many of their players together for so long, but the same cannot be said for Manchester United who are just behind Arsenal in this table, but 10 behind them in the only table that matters.

Managers, it seems, are not as overrated as some would have you believe.

Arsenal 3.99 years
Manchester United 3.93
Stoke 3.88
Liverpool 3.87
Everton 3.87
Chelsea 3.79
Bournemouth 3.76
Manchester City 3.62
West Brom 3.5
Burnley 3.43
Leicester 3.36
Tottenham 3.35
West Ham 3.24
Hull City 2.97
Swansea 2.97
Southampton 2.83
Crystal Palace 2.74
Watford 2.38
Middlesbrough 2.1
Sunderland 1.91


The number of players used by each squad in the Premier League is amongst the lowest across Europe, with a division average of 22.6 players. Of the five major European Leagues (England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France), only German teams use fewer players.

The following table is based on the number of players fielded so far from 1/7/16 to 21/11/16.

Club No. players used
West Ham 26
Sunderland 26
Crystal Palace 25
Manchester United 24
Manchester City 24
Watford 24
Arsenal 23
Tottenham 23
Stoke 22
Everton 22
Bournemouth 22
Swansea 22
Southampton 22
Middlesbrough 22
Liverpool 21
West Brom 21
Burnley 21
Hull City 21
Chelsea 20
Leicester 20