Alex Iwobi believes Arsenal lost against Manchester City on Sunday because we just took our foot off the gas.

You don’t say.

During the first half, Arsenal were the dominant team, scoring in the fourth minute and tearing the home side apart. However, in the second half, everything changed and we looked terrible. There’s no other way to put it.

“I guess you could say we took our foot off the gas,” Iwobi said.

“Man City took advantage very well in the second half. We were up against a tough side today, we were just unfortunate to not keep the win.”

The issue is, surely the players and manager knew we had taken our foot off the gas and something wasn’t working so… why didn’t we change it? There was no reaction to their equaliser or continued pressure until they netted the winner. We just kept doing the same thing and hoping City would suddenly slow down, which obviously they didn’t.

I’m not one of blaming the manager too harshly when it’s the players who have to go out there and at least look as if they care about the result, but seeing how much pressure we were under and not reacting is bizarre to say the least.