Gabriel had some choice words for Arsenal following our 2-1 loss away to Manchester City at the weekend.

The centreback, who’s currently standing in for the injured Shkodran Mustafi, made it clear after the match that this cannot happen.

“We had two away games to gain six points, and we ended up not achieving that,” Gabriel said.

“We lost both games on reversals [losing from a winning position], with basic mistakes.

“This cannot happen. I think each of us needs to reflect and try to keep each other in check. We must know how to demand from each other, and how to respect each other.”

As Gabriel says, that’s twice in one week that we’ve lost 2-1 from being 1-0 up early on. Not only should we be winning these games, we shouldn’t be performing the way we are.

Against Everton and then against City, Arsenal looked as if they were sleepwalking through one of the biggest fixtures of the season so far and it’s simply not good enough.

It wasn’t even a case of City being good, it was, as usual, just us being terrible and that says a lot.

We’ve now lost twice in the space of a week after only losing once previously.

Somewhere, something’s gone wrong and Gabriel’s right. The players need to have a look at themselves.