Alexis Sanchez has admitted that the one Arsenal star he would have loved to play alongside is Thierry Henry.

The Chilean hailed Henry’s ability, claiming that the two would have worked well together on the pitch. However, something Alexis believes he does more than ‘The King’ is pass.

“I think we would do great together,” he said.

“We would be constantly moving, going up and down, coming and going. I would have loved playing with Henry.

“He was more of a scorer than I am. I think I would assist him for every goal he would score! I’m more into passing and he is a great goalscorer.”

Henry was a bit of a selfish player at times but he’s one of the few cases in which it’s warranted because, more often than not, he’s going to score that goal and everyone around him knew it so didn’t mind.

The man was one of the best players, if not the best, to ever wear the cannon on his chest and it’s really of no wonder that a forward who loves to move off the ball as much as Alexis does would have loved to play next to the Frenchman.

Blimey, an Arsenal team with both Alexis Sanchez and Thierry Henry in the starting lineup, can you imagine?