Arsene Wenger has revealed what he thinks about international football and it’s something we all knew – he doesn’t really like it at all.

Explaining how he was offered the France job when he felt he was too young, Wenger has been tapped up by England recently after Sam Allardyce behaved like Sam Allardyce.

“I was already in France asked a few times to take the national team at that age, 37, 38,” Wenger told the media. “But I thought always: ‘I have time to do it,’ and I thought it so much but I have still not done it. The time is getting short now.

““If you want to be part of coaching, then I think of course it’s at a club,” he added.

“For me, international coaching is not coaching. It’s only really interesting during the big tournaments. In Europe now you have 53 countries, 24 qualifiers, you play two years of qualifiers, no-one knows why. Then you go to the European Championships and that is interesting.

“Now they will create a 48-team World Cup, so we’ll start the World Cup in January and finish in June. It’s a very pressured job for the England coach and every week you go to a game and think: ‘Has this guy the level, do I pick him or not?’ But you are a bit frustrated on a daily basis.”

Although it sounds like he is experiencing something of a regret that he hasn’t got to manage France, there is still time and we all know that he will be leaving Arsenal sooner rather than later.

Managing France would give him a way of becoming used to retirement without actually retiring while avoiding the complications than can come when a long-standing manager from one club goes to another.

Out of contract with Arsenal at the end of the season, it is believed there is a new deal waiting for him should he want to sign it.

Will he? Nobody has a clue.

Not even Arsenal.

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