Since the final whistle (and during the game) there has been much whinging about Arsenal’s goal, which was scored by Tottenham’s Kevin Wimmer, with claims it was offside.

Alexis Sanchez was in an offside position when the ball was delivered in however it was Laurent Koscielny who moved towards the ball.

Here’s Howard Webb explaining it:

As Arsene Wenger said after the match, nobody forced Wimmer to head the ball into the back of his net, but I have to say, if it had gone against us, I would have been screaming for offside.

I understand Webb’s view – that it was Kos moving towards the ball that meant Wimmer felt like he had to deal with it, but I still believe you can’t be in the box (Sanchez), near the six-yard box in the centre of the goal and not be interfering with play.

The rule, rather than the decision on the day, is what’s wrong.