After throwing a wobbly recently when he was subbed off against Marseille, PSG’s Marco Verratti has backtracked.

PSG recently drew with Marseille and in the second half, Verratti was taken off earlier than he would have liked. It seemed. He therefore had a little bit of a strop. This strop hasn’t reflected well on the midfielder at all and he’s since been linked with just about every club under the sun. Arsenal, of course, were one of them, as well as both Milan club and Juventus.

The 23-year-old, who’s contracted with the Ligue 1 champions until 2021, has now spoken out about the media circus that surrounds him. He’s claiming that he actually got a knock and that’s why he had to be taken off. He also insists that he and coach Unai Emery, are on good terms and not at odds.

“This week, the people said very wrong,” he said.

“In Marseille, I received a blow in the first half and was replaced a part way into the second. We did not want to take any risks.

“It has been said that I became angry with the coach, but it’s not true. I was angry at myself because I wanted to help the team. To leave the pitch due to physical problems was unfortunate for me. I met the manager the following day and we tried to understand, but did not succeed, how the situation could become so controversial.

“I’ve heard that my relationship with the coach is not good and that I want to leave. It’s not true. Even my agent has gone too far by saying that I can leave the club. I love the club.”


To me, it sounds awfully as if he’s realised that a childish reaction could have just cost him his career at one of Europe’s biggest (coughbiggestpayingcough) clubs.

In the clip above, he doesn’t look angry at himself, he’s holding his hands out as if he’s confused and appears to be arguing the toss.