Martin Keown believes that former Arsenal ‘target’, Southampton defender, Virgil van Dijk, will get ‘snapped up’ by a big club soon.

Arsenal were linked with a move for the centreback in 2015 and Arsene Wenger was forced to say that the club would not be buying the Dutchman, who was at Celtic at the time.

Since then, Van Dijk has signed for Southampton and former Gunner, Keown, is a huge fan.

It’s interesting because this has reached the foreign press. In fact, as someone who tends to avoid the Daily Mail, to see some of Keown’s column find its way overseas is rather intriguing.

Back in May 2015, Van Dijk said he was happy at Celtic but wanted to progress and has obviously joined the Saints since then. Perhaps he’s on the lookout for another move sometime soon.

“Celtic are a great club with a fantastic stadium and the fans are great,” he said.

“But the competition is not too good. I want to develop.

“If the opportunity is there, I would definitely consider a transfer. But maybe there will be nothing.”

Since signing for Southampton, the 25-year-old has appeared 55 times and starts pretty much every game. I don’t think they’d let him go without a fight.

Although, if we let Per Mertesacker go, stay tuned for Arsenal being linked with him once again.