Arsenal will have to wait until Tuesday afternoon to get a definitive answer on how long Mathieu Debuchy will be out for, but Olivier Giroud seemed in fine spirits despite injuring his hamstring.

Making a rare start, it is quite clear at this point that the Football Gods are simply not going to let Debuchy be an Arsenal player. His shoulder injury, after Stoke’s Marko Arnautovic shoved him into the hoardings, was a warning and it hasn’t got any better since then.

Speaking to the media after the game, Wenger said, “He thinks it’s a severe one. Don’t go too far because I have to speak to medical people, but you can only assess it really after 48 hours. You have to let it bleed and after, usually they have an MRI 48 hours later to see how big the damage is.”

Olivier Giroud also seemed to pick up a hamstring injury, about which Wenger said, “The only worry we have is Giroud, he looked a little bit to touch his hamstring. We have to see how big the damage is.

“With the hamstring. In the first moment, he told me that he felt a twitch in the back of his hamstring and we will see. I hope it’s not too bad because he told me after that when he sprinted he didn’t feel anything.”

Hopefully it’s not too serious and he seemed in decent spirits after the game when he spoke with the French press, telling him that grabbing an assist is ‘almost as good as scoring.’