In Alan Shearer’s column for the Sun, the former Newcastle player claimed that Alexis Sanchez is not world class.

According to Shearer, the only Premier League player who is world class is Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero because he ‘ticks all the boxes’. These boxes are imaginary boxes on a list of imaginary traits that players must have in order to be ~world class~.

World class according to Shearer, that is.

So, let’s go through each trait and see if Alexis in fact has met these during his career.

  • A player consistently performs at the highest level and has done for many years.

Alexis is only a year younger than Aguero and joined Barcelona the same year the Argentine signed for City. He’s also been representing Chile for 10 years and while Aguero has represented his country for 12.

I’m not trying to disprove that Aguero is world class. He absolutely 100% is. I’m trying to show that Alexis also is for similar reasons.

  • A player who could get into any of the recognised top-five teams in the world.

Alright, I know that we all have our thoughts and feeling about Barcelona but Alexis scored 47 goals in 141 appearances and assisted 36. He scored a goal roughly every 185 minutes.

He’s also been heavily linked with moves away from Arsenal because of his quality. One such team is Juventus… the team ranked fifth in the world.

In fact, Juve sporting director, Giuseppe Marotta, told El Mercurio:

“Sanchez is a great player, but Arsenal do not want to give him up.

“We informed the Gunners, who asked for £34m – surely a reasonable fee.

“However, when we responded to this request, Arsenal told us they will not sell the player.”

  • Someone who influences virtually every game he plays in.

Excuse me, have you WATCHED Alexis play?

  • A player who grabs occasions, chances, titles, opportunities by the scruff of the neck.

Although Alexis is yet to win a Premier League title, he has won La Liga. In fact, he scored 19 La Liga goals (12 assists) the season Barcelona were crowned champions.

He’s also won the Copa America twice in two years, being crowned Player of the Tournament for 2016.

If Shearer doesn’t believe that, after all this, Alexis isn’t world class, then I really can’t help him.

At least we know differently.