On Tuesday, it was reported that Alexis has sustained a low-grade muscular injury while away training with the Chile national team and now the forward has revealed how long he’ll be out for.

There’s a lot of information flying around regarding the severity of the forward’s injury as well as how long he’ll be out. Let’s see what we can confirm and what we can’t.

On Monday evening, reports began to emerge that Alexis had potentially sustained a muscular injury during training and it was currently being assessed.

Soon, the Chilean FA confirmed that this was in fact correct. It’s what’s know as a low-grade muscular injury and he’ll remain in Santiago to undergo treatment and further tests.

“The Medical Corps of the Chilean National Team reports that player Alexis Sánchez has a low grade muscular injury,” they said.

“The athlete will remain in Santiago, under treatment and in evaluation.”

Some reports refer to the injury as a ‘tear’. However, this hasn’t yet been confirmed. The Chilean FA only used to word ‘injury’. It’s also said to be in his calf but again, this has been officially confirmed either.

The length of time is being said to be up to six weeks but fortunately this doesn’t seem to be true.

Speaking to El Mercurio, he revealed that he should be back in time for Chile’s game against Uruguay.

“It is hurting a bit but I’m fine,” he said.

“I’ll be back for Tuesday.”

Thank goodness for that!

Although, knowing Alexis he could have lost a leg and would be saying he’s fine. Hopefully, he actually is.