Arsene Wenger said he felt frustrated following Arsenal’s 0-0 draw against Middlesbrough on Saturday afternoon but surely he has no right to be?

The boss highlighted the fact that just because we had the most possession (75%) if you don’t create enough or manage to find the net, there’s no point. He’s right, it’s massively frustrating but surely as the manager he should be the one to deal with this?

I understand sometimes it’s just ‘one of those days’. However, before we created our nine chances, five of which were on target, we created very little. Not having Cazorla and Xhaka in the squad didn’t help and I realise the boss couldn’t have done anything about that but surely some Plan B had to be available?

We didn’t really kick into gear until it was too late. Why is that?

As the manager, he needs to be the one to force the issue.

Saying this, we were lucky to earn a point, mainly thanks to Laurent Koscielny and Petr Cech.

Hopefully, we can move on from this. And quickly.