Arsene Wenger believes that Alex Iwobi needs to get rid of his nerves if he is to get better in front of goal for Arsenal.

Missing a few chances this season to open his scoring account for the campaign, the boss was full of praise for Iwobi, but he knows there are things the forward still needs to work on.

“He is not a typical winger and I think he can play in the No10 role,” Wenger said.

“He turns the game forward, he passes the ball through the lines very well, he has a final ball in him. I think he has all in the locker to pass and give the final ball.

“What you want from him now is the finishing – that’s still a little part that is missing in his game.

“He is too nervous at the moment when he has the possibility to finish.”

Iwobi certainly doesn’t show many signs of nerves, but if he is suffering from them, it’s hard to blame him.

His rise over the past year has been fast and high – from the youth ranks to guaranteed first team starter. He’s been thrown in against the likes of Barcelona and Bayern Munich and been trusted ahead of more senior colleagues.

That’s a lot for anyone to come to grips with immediately.

With age also comes wisdom and the ability to calm yourself more.

He’ll sort it out, and when he does…imagine how good he’ll be then!