Arsene Wenger has shed some light on why Olivier Giroud isn’t playing, even when fit.

The striker is currently sidelined due to a toe injury he picked up around the time of our PSG clash. However, before that, he was finding it difficult to get regular playing time over Alexis Sanchez.

“I think from game to game [Alexis] is improving in this position,” Wenger said ahead of Arsenal’s clash with Swansea.

“It’s completely different style to Giroud, but… he’s more dribbler, a guy who comes to the ball, a guy who runs at people with the ball. Olivier is more a game who brings other players in. They are two interesting styles. For example, in a game like a Burnley when we couldn’t score you would’ve liked to have had Olivier with you.

“People always ask you why does he not play, but if you only one striker to go in the team people say as well why don’t you have another striker? You cannot play with one.

“We have as well Lucas, who is doing very well. Welbeck is coming back.”

At first, Alexis was quite blatantly not a lone striker but now he’s had time to adapt his style of play to the role, he’s doing far better. This is why Giroud, before his injury, found it hard to get a start it seems.

What’s clear is that Wenger clearly does have plans for Giroud. As we’ve said before, he’s a Plan B; an alternative approach. Against Burnley, the boss is right, we really could have done with the Frenchman on the pitch.

Giroud is apparently around two week’s training away from a return after he made his toe injury worse by training to ‘force’ it. It’ll be good to have him back.