Petr Cech claims that Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger are similar in the sense that they both hate losing because they’re so used to success.

The goalkeeper has worked under both managers and has therefore seen their good (if Jose has any) traits, as well as their bad. However, with this comes the fact that he also has to be quite diplomatic when talking about them both. He’s a professional and I don’t see him ever slating his former boss and certainly not his current one.

Speaking recently, the former Czech Republic international claimed that both managers hate losing and will do anything to avoid it.

“They are different but there is one thing they have in common – they don’t like defeats,” the 34-year-old told the Daily Mirror.

“I think this is the driving force behind the success both of them have had because you cannot last for such a long time if you don’t have the commitment and the hunger and you’re doing everything to avoid defeat.”

Objectively, I can understand what Cech’s saying.

No manager should like to lose, after all. However, I think the phrasing ‘will do everything to avoid it’ applies to Jose far more than Arsene.

While Arsene will do what he can from the touchline; Jose will take it beyond that. Endorsing the likes of Diego Costa’s behaviour and allowing him to become a club hero, violently screeching at his own staff and generally being deplorable.

So while yes, both managers don’t like losing – Cech’s right about that – they’re very different in how they go about it.

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