Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain believes that the side that can handle the big games the best will be the one that lifts the Premier League title at the end of the season – and he’s backed Arsenal to do it.

Speaking as a guest on Goals on Sunday the winger was asked if he thought this could be Arsenal’s year.

“Obviously it’s what we all think in the dressing room,” Oxlade-Chamberlain said.

“I think this year, competition everywhere in the league is really high.

“I actually haven’t heard too much about who is going to do well because there are so many teams that are a threat and have a good chance, so we’re just going to keep plugging along and quietly go about our work and keep trying to get results.

“The one thing I would say is the feeling in the dressing room when it comes to the big games this year, I feel like we’ve got more confidence going into them.

“This year, the Chelsea game at home, the way we played, I think that proved to everyone that in the big games we can really stand up and I think that will really make the difference this year.

“I think everyone will get results in the games they should win, obviously there will be a few slip ups along the way but I think it’s going to come down to the big games and the top six playing against each other.

“In the dressing room, our feeling is that we are capable of going to win all those games if we’re at the races on the day.”

The Ox was also asked if he prefers playing in midfield or on the wing, and he was as super diplomatic with his answer.

“I like playing both positions,” he said.

“I like playing in midfield which you tend to get a little bit more of the ball and you can stay involved in the game a little bit more.

“Obviously playing for a team like Arsenal, we have a lot of the ball and there’s always a lot of options, it’s quite nice, you can express yourself in there and have a little bit of fun sometimes.

“On the wing, I like to take people on. I’ve got the licence to do that there.

“I really am happy to play either position.

“I think my position at Arsenal, we’ve got so many out-and-out central midfielders that I’m more focused on bringing what I can on the wing and being more of an out-and-out winger for Arsenal.

“For England, I’m happy to play in either position, again, I think we’ve got a lot of midfielders as well. We’ve got a lot of wingers, but I’m happy to play in either position.”

Alex also spoke about his future and how he will assess his situation at the end of the season as he approaches a point in his career when he needs to be playing regularly. He also spoke about what made him choose Arsenal over Manchester United, Tottenham and Liverpool who all wanted to sign him.