Middlesbrough boss, Aitor Karanka, claims that his team won’t park the bus against Arsenal at the Emirates on Saturday.

Teams are known for coming to the Emirates and throwing 10 men behind the ball. It’s annoyingly effective, which in turn makes it rather frustrating and incredibly boring to watch.

Considering Boro have only just been promoted and only have a total of six points so far this season, you’d perhaps forgive them for employing the same tactics.

Not according to Karanka, however.

“We didn’t park the bus when we played Arsenal in the Cup 18 months ago and we didn’t park the bus against Manchester United, City or Liverpool,” he said.

“So if we didn’t in the past, why now?

“I will try to do the best thing to win the game. I don’t want to go to the Emirates just thinking a draw is good.”

“If we think that way, we are going to lose one, two, three, maybe 5-0.

“I am preparing to win the game and I am confident we can do that.”

This could make for an exciting game.

Either we thump them by five goals, as Karanka suggests we could, or they get one past us on the break and leave with a shock-three points. It’s possible. Five out of their six points have been earned on the road and we’ve shown we’re far from bulletproof.

Alternatively, although Karanka says his team won’t park the bus, when the chips are down and it’s just a case of damage limitation, we’ll see.