Martin Atkinson did not have a good game on Saturday afternoon when he took charge of Arsenal’s trip to Sunderland.

Not only did he allow the Sunderland players to kick Arsenal, ignoring a number of fouls, he should have sent Steven Pienaar in the first half for two yellows, had he not bottled the first one.

Before he pointed to the spot for Sunderland, he waved away calls from Arsenal for a penalty after Alexis was pulled to the ground just moments earlier.

He then booked Alexis for pointing out he was 100% wrong and, as you know, you can’t appeal yellows.

How can you be booked for stating the truth?

Alexis got a lot of stick from the Sunderland crowd who thought he was diving as he went down time after time without Atkinson giving a foul. Taking a little longer to get up after being clearly and deliberately kneed in the back of the thigh, he was greeted with a chorus of boos when he touched the ball.

So, in this sort of environment, it’s not surprising to learn that Alexis ended up having FOUR fouls given against him while he only received TWO in his favour.

Ridiculous, but not at all surprising.