Arsene Wenger has once again made a mockery of press reports claiming there is a doubt over Jack Wilshere’s Arsenal future by saying he hopes Jack remains with Arsenal for the rest of his career.

Speaking to the press at his pre-match press conference, the boss was asked about Wilshere’s loan to Bournemouth.

After revealing they had a talk (shocker) Wenger said he told Jack that he couldn’t guarantee him game time and it was ‘logical’ that Jack left on loan.

“He wanted games and I can understand his desire and I felt it was a logical decision,” Wenger told reporters. “Let’s not forget that last year he did not play. He is in a position he needs to play. It’s important for him that he gets a number of games this season.”

Asked about Jack’s contract, which expires in two years, Wenger said, “I hope personally he stays his whole career here.

“He doesn’t have to show me has the quality at Bournemouth, just that he gets back to a competitive level.”

The press has been filled with reports claiming the pair had ‘tense’ talks, but listening to Wenger it seems like it was anything but, just as we expected. Wenger rates Wilshere highly and simply wants him to get fit.

As if to prove my point, The Sun, in light of Wenger’s comments about Jack, tweeted

They say “ARSENE WENGER has claimed that Jack Wilshere is world class – even though he let the England man join Bournemouth on loan.”

It’s like they are incapable of understanding words