Wojciech Szczesny has revealed that the goalkeeper he looks up to the most is Manchester United legend, Peter Schmeichel.

The Poland international, who’s currently spending his second season on loan at Roma, revealed that the former Red Devil was at the peak of his career when Woj was getting into football and his presence on the pitch was something that caught his attention.

Woj also mentioned Iker Casillas and Andreas Kopke as other goalkeepers that have caught his eye over the years for various reasons.

“Schmeichel is the goalkeeper that I prefer the most of all,” Szczesny said to Roma’s website.

“He’s an example for me, just because he was the best in the role when I started to take my first steps as a footballer. I was struck by his personality and presence on the pitch.

“Iker Casillas, I remember him for his ability to make his presence known without being too big.

“I also noticed Kopke at the 1996 European Championship for his engaging style.”

There weren’t any former Arsenal goalkeepers among the ones he listed that he looks up to. However, he can only be honest. I’m always making digs at certain players’ answers to questions because they sound too sterile and rehearsed, so when someone doesn’t pander to what the fans want to hear and says how they actually feel, I can’t be critical.

Plus, Schmeichel was a genuinely rather good goalkeeper.

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