Aaron Ramsey has revealed that former Gunner, Ray Parlour, still drops by to offer advice from time to time.

Speaking ahead of the Arsenal Legends v Milan Glorie match on Saturday, Rambo bigged up Parlour’s work rate and pointed out that it’s crucial to have men like him in any squad.

“He was a great player for Arsenal,” Ramsey said to Arsenal Player.

“He won many things, had great qualities, scored some important goals and his work-rate was up there with the best.

“He’s a great guy as well. He comes in and gives us advice – he’s just a good guy and one of those people that you like to be around.

“It’s important to have that sort of character in the squad, someone who gets everybody up and gets everybody laughing. You enjoy being in his company – he’s just a pleasure to be around.”

Parlour is definitely a character and it’s good to see that he returns to the club he still loves to offer advice without making a big song and dance about it. The British players in particular know exactly what he did for Arsenal and who he is, so it must be an experience to get to not only meet but speak with him from time to time.

Parlour is set to feature in the charity match and I wonder if his work rate is still ‘up there with the best’ now he’s been out of action for so many years. I’ve no doubt he’ll give it a good go!