Paul Scholes loves to moan, especially about anything Arsenal related, so I can imagine he was positively salivating at the prospect of having a pop at Jack Wilshere for going to Bournemouth on loan.

The former Manchester United midfielder reckons that Wilshere should have gone to Roma, because he deserves to play for one of the top ‘three or four’ clubs in England (he does realise Roma based aren’t in England, right?). Apparently, he’s setting his sights too low. Good grief.

“I would have liked to have seen him, if he did have to leave Arsenal, go to a big club like Roma,” he told Sky Sports News HQ.

“Get some experience abroad, I think that would have been great for him and would have been great for the England team as well.

“Just because he is going to Bournemouth, doesn’t mean he is going to play all the time.

“He has to perform whatever club you are at, whether you are at Bournemouth, Arsenal, Man United or Roma.

“You still have to perform to play first team football. I’m sure there are other players at Bournemouth who are saying ‘I’m going to be playing instead of Jack – I want his place’.

“It always comes back to whether he is fit. I don’t know how his ankles are – I know he struggles with them.

“If he stays fit then there is no doubt he is the top player there. But he should be playing for a top three or four club in England and that is what he should be aiming for. I just worry a little that he has set his sights too low.”

So, one minute Scholes is saying that Wilshere should play for a better team than the Cherries, the next he’s saying he’s not even guaranteed to start for them…

Going out on loan for Wilshere wasn’t about where he ‘deserves’ to play. It’s about getting regular playing time and building up his fitness. He apparently wanted to stay in England, which is what he’s done.

I don’t see why Scholes even has an issue. What a strange man.