Alex Iwobi got two assists against Hull City on Saturday but still felt robbed of an actual goal.

Most people thought the first goal belonged to the Nigeria international but it took a massive deflection. Well, the massive deflection was off Alexis, which meant the goal was awarded to him.

The forward took to Twitter in frustration. Although he wasn’t seriously angry, you do sense that he feels a goal is coming his way. He didn’t score against PSG and the ball fell to Alexis, who did put it in the back of the net, so he probably thinks the Chilean is just following him around the poach his goals.

To be fair, Iwobi was so brilliant during the match that his lack of goal made no difference. These things will fall into place. He’s only 20 and getting so many assists that his place in the starting XI must be pretty concrete by now.

Keep on working Alex; you’ll get there.