Olivier Giroud appears to have handed over his title of ‘hottest French player’ to Antoine Griezmann, a fact that the striker has had to come to terms with.

Speaking with Le Parisien recently, the big guy spoke about the Euros, whistling from French fans and his friends. However, more importantly, he touched upon the subject that we’ve all been dying to know more about: how he feels about Griezmann being more aesthetically pleasing than him (I didn’t notice, either).

“Yes,” he said, dabbing at the corner of his eyes with a piece of tissue (probably).

“So, I let my beard grow: not to shade Antoine! 

“Seriously, he went from “nice guy” to “hunk”. He will have to get used to it.

“I let him pass me with who has the most posters in girls’ rooms.”

Well that explains the beard then. At least now I can sleep at night.

It’s good that Oli can be so gracious in defeat. He’ll always be the hottest Frenchman to us… with or without that dead animal on his face.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see the 29-year-old in action on the pitch again this weekend as Arsenal face Southampton at the Emirates.

Although he’s made a couple of appearances this season, it’ll be good to see if he’s back in the starting XI and to see where Lucas Perez fits into the squad.