Arsenal are among a number of clubs keeping track of Yuri, a 15-year-old ‘wonderkid’ who plays for Santos.

Of course, anyone who comes onto the radar of a club like Arsenal is almost instantly tagged as a ‘wonderkid’ but this one has scored 40 goals in this calendar year, so if he’s not in that category, he’s certainly knocking at the door.

The Brazilian u17 forward is represented by Giovanni Galvo, and he recently admitted that his client has drawn the attentions of a number of top clubs across the globe.

“Yuri is now seen as one of the best strikers in the youth categories of Brazil,” said Galvo, “and this is why he’s drawn the attention of the best clubs in the world.

“But we do not think, for now, about any change.”

Representing Brazil at u15, 16 and 17, Yuri netted his 40 in just 28 games and with strikers at a premium when they are fully formed and their testicles have dropped, more and more clubs are turning to the youth ranks of clubs in south America to find the next Neymar, Sergio Aguero or Alexis Sanchez before they come with the super-high price tag.

A name to keep an eye on, for sure, simply because of his talent, any move will no doubt be a number of years down the line.