Alex Iwobi has returned to training on schedule and ahead of Arsenal’s game against Southampton, however, Aaron Ramsey is reportedly ‘struggling’ to shake of his hamstring problem.

If only this was the first time we’ve said those words.

To be honest, the news about Ramsey doesn’t come as a total surprise as reports were starting to emerge at the start of the week that he wouldn’t be back after the international break.

Well, he will be, we just don’t know *when* after, or which break.

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Iwobi’s thigh injury has defied all medical science at the club by healing up as predicted.

It’s like an autumn miracle.

Both players picked up their injuries in the opening game against Liverpool and it’s far from the first time since Ramsey has suffered a hamstring or thigh problem, with previous issues costing him 52 days on the sidelines last season (27 days hamstring/5 games, 32/7 thigh). The season before that he missed 74 days (54/12 hamstring, 20/5 thigh).

He picked up his first thigh problem in the 13/14 season when he missed a whopping 97 days (21 games) in one sitting.

All in all, he’s missed 230 days or, if you prefer, 50 games.

Little bit concerning.