A few weeks ago, we ran a poll on Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho, so in light of the recent drama we thought we’d send it out again to see if fans still felt the same.

They did.

Many fans of Chelsea, a club with no history to speak of before the Bitter One arrived after Roman Abromovich saved them from bankruptcy, don’t seem to understand why so many Arsenal fans would happily stay trophyless under Wenger rater than see Mourinho take over at the club.

That’s because, in football, you can buy a lot of things, but class and respect will never be something that money will bring you.

It’s about how you do things, and how you treat those around you. Even Manchester City and their wealthy owners know this. Look at how they conduct themselves as both a club and a set of supporters.

Is Wenger perfect? Far from it and I don’t think even his biggest supporters ever claim that he is.

But he’s never eye-gouged another manager or a medic sacked for doing their job.

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