Serge Gnabry’s move to Werder Bremen seems to be just hours (if not less) away and while Arsenal can’t stop him, you’d like to think that they could have at least got a better deal.

According to reports, the winger is set to sign for the German club for €4-5m, which is stupidly low. On Tuesday, there were claims that we would get in the region of €8m+, which is more like it considering his performance in this summer’s Rio Olympics.

He may only be 21 with one year left on his Arsenal contract but he’s a massive prospect for the future. Although he’s been unlucky when it comes to injuries, it’s more than a little frustrating that he’s leaving as soon as he appears to have shaken them off.

Frank Baumann claims that Werder should sign Gnabry soon.

It’s a shame but these things happen. I just wish we’d got a bit more money!