A visibly dejected, quiet Arsene Wenger addressed the media following Arsenal’s 4-3 loss to Liverpool at home.

The 66-year-old sounded as if we’d just lost our final game of the season 5-1 to Newcastle to finish third in the Premier League instead of second, not as if we’d just lost our opening game of the new campaign by a one-goal margin.

And perhaps that’s the worrying thing about this result. Not to be dramatic or anything but many of us look up to Wenger immensely and although it’s annoying when he’s upbeat despite a loss, it is what it is. However, you could see in his eyes that this time he knew exactly how bad it was. He heard those boos and no matter what anyone claims, they will get to him.

Perhaps then, this is why it’s even worse that he reeled off the usual cliches about mental strength, bouncing back and not panicking.


When Geoff Shreeves asked the boss on Sky Sports post-match whether it put him under any more pressure, Wenger pretended to not know what he meant, claiming that as a football manager he’s always under pressure.

It’s a sad time, watching this wonderful manager crumble. Even sadder, perhaps, that I still have faith in him to pull something out the bag.

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