Arsene Wenger has confirmed that the outcome of the coming season will determine whether he stays at Arsenal for longer or leaves when his contract ends.

The manager’s contract with the Gunners runs out in 2017 and despite speculation that he could extend it by two more years, Wenger has confirmed that whether he does or not depends on how well we do this season.

Wenger has said before that he would only remain at Arsenal for as long as he was helping us. If he ever felt he was holding us back, he would leave and I wholeheartedly believe that because, no matter what some Gooners believe, he loves the club.

“My contract runs until the end of the season,” he told Five Live.

“What I do after will depend on how the season goes.”

I do believe that the board are ready to offer him a contract extension but this isn’t the right time. We’ll have more of an idea of where everyone stands around Christmas time but, even then, we may not announce anything one way or another for a while.

I desperately want Wenger to go out on a high and leave because he feels he’s done everything he can for Arsenal Football Club, not because the fans chased him out.