Arsene Wenger has admitted that he’s not surprised by the Arsenal fans’ reaction to our 4-3 loss against Liverpool on Sunday.

Not only were the team and boss booed on Sunday following the humiliating defeat at the Emirates but Wenger was also getting abuse during the game, to the point where stewards reportedly had to intervene. It must be tough to have your own fans treat you this way. However, the fact that he claims he wasn’t surprised says a lot.

Speaking to the media ahead of our second match of the season against Leicester on Saturday, Wenger was asked if he was surprised and he simply stated: “No.”

The Arsenal fans were actually reasonably tame at first, despite Liverpool going 4-1 ahead. They were a bit quiet and the atmosphere seemed tense but it’s definitely been worse. It was at the final whistle when they let their true feelings out.

It’s an awful situation to be in. The fans don’t want to be angry and I’m sure the boss doesn’t want us to be angry at him. Something has to change one way or another.