Arsene Wenger claimed in his press conference ahead of facing Leicester City at the weekend that 99.5% of former Arsenal players want to return, using Thierry Henry as an example.

The manager was presumably exaggerating, as almost every player who’s ever played for Arsenal can’t possibly want to return, no matter what we as fans want to believe.

“No,” he said.

“We have plenty of players who want to join us and I would say that even with the players who left, 99.5% of the players have asked to come back even when they left. [Thierry] is one of them. It’s not so difficult to attract players.”

To be fair, Wenger had been backed into a corner about whether footballers actually want to player for Arsenal anymore – a point Thierry Henry actually brought up after we lost 4-3 to Liverpool. Wenger’s argument is that they do and that most players who have left want to return.

It’s not nice to have to watch the boss being asked these kinds of questions week in, week out but until he makes new signings, I fear they will only continue.

He’s the entire press conference below.