It was a sound we’ve grown used to hearing at the Emirates. When the final whistle went after Arsenal lost 4-3 at home to Liverpool, boos rang out loud and clear.

Before that, there had been a lot of abuse aimed at Arsene Wenger but it didn’t really reach its cacophony until the final whistle had gone. Until that point, apart from the odd mutter, the fans generally got behind the team, even when we were 4-1 down. Gooners’ love for the club temporarily overshadowing their frustration towards to manager.

Speaking to Sky Sports (aka the love of his life… probably) Thierry Henry sympathised with Arsenal and said the booing was fair, even arguing that we’d been ‘nice’ up until that point.

The issue with booing is that it seems so juvenile and pointless. However, while I wouldn’t do it myself, I do understand people’s frustration and desire to be heard. What else is there to do to voice your concern? Write a harsh letter? Send Wenger a courier pigeon? Ask Jenko if he can add you to the London Colney Whatsapp group?

As I said, I wouldn’t do it but I get it.

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