Apparently, Liverpool ran 117.6km in total during their match against Arsenal at the Emirates on Sunday.

This is the most recorded since we started tracking the distance each player covers every match.

So, what does this mean other than they ran a lot?

It shows intention, energy, fitness and also work rate. During those 20 minutes when they scored four goals against us, they could have put away more. They didn’t stop attacking and the fact that they racked up that distance means it wasn’t just one or two putting in the effort, like when Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey manage to run 10-11km per match, this was the whole team absolutely going for it, which is sometimes the difference. At least, in this case it was.

As Petr Cech said, Liverpool were more ‘aggressive’ and he doesn’t mean that in the sense that they were beating our players up, they were just more proactive. We weren’t terrible, not as terrible as people are making out anyway, but we weren’t the winners.

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