Thierry Henry recently met Manchester United’s £89m man, Paul Pogba, who admitted that he had a poster of the legend in his bedroom as a child.

As far as interviews not directly involving current Arsenal players go, it was pretty good. The former Juventus star seems pretty down to earth, despite reports that his attitude used to stink. He spoke about enjoying football, the honour of returning to the Red Devils and his non-existent feud with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Of course, they got into the subject of Henry’s former career as a football player and Pogba admitted to looking up to the Invincible when he was young.

“I’ve been watching you,” he laughed.

“I remember – I’m going to say this, it’s the truth – I had your poster in my room!

“It’s crazy because now you’re in front of me and we’re talking – it’s crazy!”

Thierry laughed off the compliment, which isn’t really surprising considering just about every French player looked up to him at one point. Although it’s good to see the 23-year-old still getting a little starstruck.

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