Earlier today we reported comments that Miguel Almiron had allegedly said that he had not talked to Arsenal but the rest of his interview has been published in Chile.

We mistakenly reported that he did not have an agent but it seems that he has found one and it is with him that Arsenal have to speak.

 “I do not know anything about Arsenal, they have to talk to my agent.

“It would be very important for every player, if given that, so be it.

“I’m going step by step, the issue of the transfer will be here any moment”.

As you can see, that’s went through Google translate and I deliberately didn’t tidy it up as I don’t want anyone to think that the comments have been slanted in anyway.

I’m just going to leave this here for now as we’ve only just found it and it’s hard to know what, exactly to make of it immediately. The comments could, of course, be about a more general transfer move  in his career, it’s not clear.

It is, however, a little exciting, no?

As for why it’s in the Chilean media, Chile will play Paraguay on 5 September.

[Update After we published this piece, this happened:

I was too knackered to do another post on this story that is just zinging back and forward, so thought it best to update this one and then take a fresh look when it calms down a bit]