Another press conference, another Jose Mourinho rant about Arsene Wenger?

Seriously, he should just ask him out on a date and get it over with.

This week, the Manchester United manger seemed to aim another thinly-veiled at Arsene Wenger, the man who built a club in a way Mourinho, the first manager to spend a billion on players, can’t even comprehend, is afraid of winning the title.

Ok, Jose, whatever you say.

(Here’s the first if you missed it)

“We feel we are candidates for the title,” he told his assembled press posse.

“We know that not one or two or three more than that have the same ambitions. We cannot speak differently. We want to fight for the title.

“If at end of season we are not champions because someone is better than us then great, that’s football. But at Man United you cannot say differently, we have to fight for the title.

“Many more think the same way but they are afraid to say it. They prefer to play a defensive game in words. They prefer to hide and play defensively with the words. That is not our way. It is not Man United.

“Man United has to say from day one we want to win title. Maybe we don’t win. Maybe at end of season we are happy to finish in the top four. But in this moment, when I speak to you, and when I do that I speak to my players too, I cannot speak differently.”

If I remember correctly, during the first season of his second spell at Chelsea, when he claimed they were not going for the title when they clearly were, Arsene Wenger said that some people were afraid to fail so they would not put themselves out there with statements. These were the comments that prompted Mourinho to brand Wenger a ‘specialist in failure.’

Now, here he is, at United for two minutes, saying the same thing which he tore into Wenger for.

It’s almost as if he doesn’t even know what the word hypocrite means.

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