Someone should tell the press that respect is a two-way street.

The relationship between Arsenal and the media, or should I say Arsene Wenger and the media, has always been a little one-sided.

When Sports Broadcaster, Nathan Murphy, tweeted before the Arsenal match against Liverpool on Sunday, the way the media view the club despite the respect they’re treated with became abundantly clear.

Murphy tweeted a picture of what appeared to be a buffet of desserts, an impressive spread for a wedding, let alone for the media at the Emirates before the match. However, instead of marvelling at the effort the club goes to in order to keep its visitors happy or, you know, just keep quiet, he made a joke about the transfer funds going on food for the press. Hmm.

A joke so un-funny, it was borderline offensive.

This isn’t the only example of the media treating Arsenal strangely when we’ve done nothing but attempt to welcome them and their questioning.

Wenger has had to deal with inflammatory headlines from the people he lets into his press conferences at London Colney for 20 years. His professionalism, ability as a manager and sanity have all been publicly called into question. He’s become the but of numerous jokes, even when he, a 66-year-old man, took a fall; his rivals are constantly baited into a public slanging match and even when Arsenal do well, there’s always something that the media have to pick at.

In fact, when Arsenal do play well (it does still happen sometimes), more often than not, the press do everything they can swerve around praising Wenger because they can’t possibly do that. He’s not English nor does he give them the big headlines with his comments because he’s too smart and composed. When he does lose it with them, it’s because they’ve poked a bee’s nest with a stick one too many times. He’s only human.

I hope Nathon Murphy enjoyed his cake after he was done mocking our club for giving it to him.

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