Perry Groves’ recent comments regarding how Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain should be more like Spurs’ Dele Alli are bound to go down like a lead balloon with Arsenal fans.

The Arsenal hero claims that although he likes the Ox and he’s a nice lad, he needs more self-belief…like Dele Alli.

“[Chamberlain] has got everything and if I was him I’d be looking at Dele Alli at Spurs,” said Groves.

“He could be a very similar player – don’t copy him, but when Alli plays for Spurs, he looks like he believes he is the best player on the pitch.

“That’s what Oxlade-Chamberlain needs to get into his game. He’s a very nice lad, humble boy, but when you go onto the pitch you have to believe you are the best player.”

Forgetting that Alli plays for our rivals, Groves is actually right.

Alex is hugely lacking in confidence – he’s his own worst enemy and it’s so frustrating. He’ll get a good pre-season under his belt, when the results don’t really matter, and then either get injured or disappear for most of the actual season. Or worse, he’ll become a hindrance when he does play and constantly get dispossessed because he won’t just lay off the ball.

Alex could be a brilliant player, he just needs to stop thinking about it and do it. Over-thinking and self-doubt aren’t going to get him anywhere.

Be more like this guy…