Djibril Sidibe has revealed to France Football why he turned down the chance to sign for Arsenal earlier in the window and instead chose Monaco.

The defender was linked with a move to Arsenal in July and it appears the interest was genuine. The 24-year-old explained that although he did hesitate over the decision, Ligue 1 was the better option for him as younger players tend to get ‘left out’ in England.

“Monaco is one of the great French clubs,” he said to France Football, reported Bleacher Report.

“Sportingly, the objectives are very interesting with the Champions League. And I needed a good framework for progress with quality players, even if there was good players at Lille.

“I hesitated with Arsenal, but in terms of playing time, I knew it would be very limited, between fifteen and twenty matches.  I got a plan in my head because there was a fairly strong competition [at Arsenal].

“And England, it is a risk. Many young players are left out there. So I told myself, to do an extra year or even two in Ligue 1, to take maximum provisions to ensure I evolve in the future.”

Monaco’s French defender Djibril Sidibe poses with his jersey after a press conference on August 9, 2016, in Monaco. (JEAN CHRISTOPHE MAGNENET/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s interesting to hear because it might go some way to explain why it’s harder to sign the players we want. Jamie Vardy reportedly didn’t sign for us because he wasn’t positive he’d get regular, first team football and it appears that his concern is shared by others.

So, how do we explain players going to other English clubs? Money? Persuasive tactics? Or are these players just using this as a cop-out because they can’t be bothered to fight for a position?