Gonzalo Higuain’s €94m buyout clause has no expiry date despite reports that it ended at the end of June.

In an exclusive, the site, Calciomercato, claim that the clause will be in play for the lifetime of Higuain’s contract which means for the next two years, unless Napoli agree to a lower price, the striker will not move for less than the above amount.

Juve have been the most interested in the player but they will not meet the clause. Napoli, who say they absolutely, positively, will not sell to Juve (unless the clause is triggered) will not lower the fee.

And Arsenal? They probably aren’t even interested at all. Their name has fallen away almost completely from the gossip columns in Italy.

Napoli are trying to get Higuain to sign a new deal but he will only agree to one if they include a release fee that is around €30m as opposed to €94m.

Napoli have no interest in doing this.