Manchester City have apparently ended their chase of Hector Bellerin after being told to sod off by Arsenal.

The Gunners have already made it perfectly clear to Barcelona that Hector is not for sale and it seems that this is the same message they delivered to Manchester City according to the Manchester Evening News.

Bellerin’s agent caused a little bit of a stir when he said that Bellerin liked the idea of City wanting him even though his client has repeatedly said he is happy at Arsenal and doesn’t want to go anywhere.

Regardless, Arsenal have flat out refused to even enter into negotiations – which is what you would expect from a club who don’t want to sell, unlike Napoli with Juventus over Gonzalo Higuain – and that should be an end to that.

Of course, the Manchester City manager is now Pep Guardiola so we all know fine well that this won’t be the end of anything.

In fact, it’s probably just the very start of a concerted campaign to get him to leave Arsenal.

Fun times.