Part of what we do here at Daily Cannon is keep an eye on how transfer rumours develop across the globe so we can try and work out which ones are likely to have some substance to them and which ones don’t.

We always try to be honest, and like good little schoolchildren, show our working out by providing our sources and how we came to the conclusions we did. We don’t always get it right, but we try to get to the truth eventually.

A few days ago I came across a story that claimed David Ospina had handed in a transfer request.

The very opening line in that article, right up there in the bold at the very top, said ‘According to Sport in Spain, David Ospina has handed in a transfer request as he looks to secure a move to a club where he can play first-team football on a regular basis.’

It included a link to the Sport piece.

If we’d wanted a better example of how transfer rumours get distorted on the internet, we probably couldn’t have asked for one.

On the back of this piece, at least three websites in Colombia have now claimed that Ospina has handed in a transfer request and list us as their source. ‘England’s Daily Cannon’. 1, 2, 3.

Not only that, it seems that Boca Juniors are now interested in him and will be getting in touch to find out if it is true that he has handed in a transfer request on the back of this rumour that seems to have been picked up from our site which we didn’t claim as ours and didn’t even say was true.

For real.