Diego Maradona is not a happy bunny, in fact, he’s pretty livid about Gonzalo Higuain potentially signing for Juventus.

Although the former forward, who played for Napoli from 1984 – 1991, claimed that he doesn’t blame Higuain for the potential move, he’s not happy with the Juve ‘fat cats’. Oh dear.

“This Higuain affair is hurting me because he is going to a direct rival like Juventus,” he said on his official Facebook page.

“But we cannot blame the player either.

“A player has a responsibility to himself and it is those fat cats of business that are grinning the most in this case.

“Nobody thinks of the fan.”

Former Argentine player Diego Maradona waves during the Copa Libertadores 2016 semifinal second leg football match between Argentina’s Boca Juniors and Ecuador’s Independiente del Valle at the ‘Bombonera’ stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on July 14, 2016 (EITAN ABRAMOVICH/AFP/Getty Images)

Napoli were previously publicly adamant that their star striker wouldn’t be going to their Serie A rivals. However, if they – or anyone else for that matter – coughed up his almost £80m asking price, he was up for grabs.

Will Juve meet it? If Paul Pogba ends up signing for Manchester United for £100m, they would then have plenty of money to burn. Napoli are reportedly interested in Mauro Icardi and although Inter Milan claim that they won’t be selling to the fellow Italian side, if they come in with a huge offer, their hand may be forced.

Of course, all this is terrible for Arsenal because, ultimately, no one comes to us.