The FA WSL is a surprising league with many twist and turns. The Ladies managed to claw two points back off Chelsea with their 2-0 win against Notts while the Blues drew at home 1-1 against the other Blues.

The race for the top two qualifying places is still open. The Gunners still have a mountain to climb but the situation is better than it was two months ago.

With Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal having all played eight games and therefore being halfway through the season, we have a clear view of the situation.

City have 20 points and a +15 goal difference, Chelsea have 19 points and a + 13 goal difference. Arsenal have 14 points and a +5 goal difference.

It’s quite clear that Arsenal need to get six points back on Chelsea to get the second place or five points and catch up those eight points on goal difference.

Or alternatively, Arsenal could get six points more than City and get the 10 points goal difference back as well.

Considering City record is 6-2-0 and Chelsea’s one is 6-1-1, it will be a hard task.

Sunday’s the 17th away game to Chelsea will be crucial and anything but a win won’t be good enough. Can Pedro Losa and the girls produce the needed performance on the day?