In a rather amusing story from Don Balon, Alexis Sanchez has ‘urged’ Arsene Wenger to sign Arda Turan.

Arsenal have been linked with the Barcelona man already, so the rumour hasn’t come completely out of nowhere, but this latest ‘twist’ is a little surprising.

Apparently, Alexis has asked Wenger to sign the Turkey international after playing against him a couple of times while the Chilean was at Atletic Madrid. On the surface, other than being a little irritating because players should never be ‘urging’ the boss to do anything, it’s a plausible story. Especially if you consider the current narrative the media are trying to run with that says that the forward wants to leave Arsenal.  It would make sense that he would be pulling a Van Persie and making requests.

However, Alexis is currently on his summer break after winning the Copa America with Chile. He’s probably not even in north London, let alone anywhere near London Colney or Wenger, considering he shared a video and a picture (above) just days ago while in his hometown of Tocopilla. Of course, it’s technically possible for him to have traveled back in that time but, considering he won’t be back in action on the pitch for a while, it’s unlikely that he would have already.

How then, has he instructed Wenger to buy Turan?

Now, before anyone tells me about phones, emails, faxes, texts, courier pigeon etc…do you really see Alexis Sanchez bloomin’ Whatsapping Arsene Wenger telling him to sign this guy? What a reach.

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