Odds have been slashed to 8/13 for Jamie Vardy to come to Arsenal.

This isn’t the first of this bizarre rumour that we’ve heard so far and I’m sure it won’t be the last but come on. Vardy will not be playing for Arsenal next season.

Firstly, he’s happy at Leicester. They’ve just won the Premier League and will be in the Champions League for the first time next season. What is there to improve upon? In addition, he only signed a new contract in February, meaning we would have to pay an astronomical price for the striker.

On the flip side, the Guardian are claiming that we’ve triggered his release clause.

Also, we do have the money, he would deliver goals and, no matter what way you look at it, it’s unlikely that Leicester will stay on this run for much longer. Although I’m at risk of underestimating them once again, when they have to deal with the additional European fixtures, the League will slip away from them.

London as a city also has pulling power when it comes to persuading other players to join us. It’s trendy, diverse and has an unmistakable character that you don’t find anywhere else.

However, even after saying all this, I still firmly believe that Jamie Vardy is not coming to Arsenal.

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