Laurent Koscielny has done a Q&A for the French paper l’Equipe about the things that he likes and dislikes and there are some funny answers.

Lolo is a family man as he likes to spend time with his family.

He also likes eating out in quality restaurants with his wife.

He is also very fond of the rabbit with mustard dish from his mom.

He is also proud of the area from France where he comes from La Correze and also a special local dish the paté with potatoes.

He also likes to go to Corsica on holidays as it is the favourite palce for him and his wife at the moment.

On the football side, he likes the Emirates Stadium and the Arsenal fans songs during the games.

He also likes Rugby as seen in the famous unclassic match commentary with Francis Coquelin.

Lolo is also a fan of the movie “remember the titans” with Denzel Washington released in 2000.

And like every Arsenal fan he does not like Stoke’s BET365 Stadium because it is way too exposed to the wind and therefore not conducive to play proper football.

He does not like milk or the people who spend their time moaning. Maybe he does not hear those at the Emirates Stadium?

He does not like going to the cinema in London and says anyway there are no French cinemas in North London. Which means he is not probably interested in watching movies in English.

In term of food he does not like giblets, something quite unusual for a Frenchman.

He does not like reading books as he says, he only finishes reading one if he really likes it which is not often. 

He dislikes the pre-season tours abroad as he as no joy spending loads of hours on the planes.

And one of he funniest things, he does not like driving with a right-hand drive car. He has tried it once, and stopped quickly before veering out of the road. He has kept his French car in London.

Laurent Koscielny sounds like your typical Frenchman from this Q&A.