Admit it, when you read that, the first thing you thought was ‘another Ryo Miyaichi,’ right?

Me too.

A report popped up on Twitter from Japan earlier today claiming that Takuma Asano of Sanfrecce Hiroshima has received an offer from Arsenal and he’s likely to accept.

So, who’s making the claim?

The Tweet came from Shitaro Kano, a journalist who works out of Japan.

He hasn’t just tweeted the information above, he’s also got quotes from the player:

Why should we trust it?

Like most things online, you probably shouldn’t trust it 100% but this is a player no-one knows coming from a club only a few will have heard off and as far as Twitter rumours go, this is a solid one.

The journalist backs it up with extra info (so hasn’t just thrown a name out there and left it) and has also quoted the player.

Who is the player?

He’s a 21-year-old centre forward who has scored seven goals in 19 games in 2016.

He signed for Sanfrecce Hiroshima in 2013 and has made a total of 88 appearances scoring 25 goals and grabbing 11 assists.

He has four full caps for his national side and one competitive goal which came in a 7-2 over Bulgaria in 2016.

In his short career, he has won the J League twice and the Super Cup three times. He also won the AFC u23 Championship in 2016 and was voted J League Rookie of the Year in 2015.

As one Arsenal fan from Japan said, “Asano is a player that people are really talking about here. Having been to a few games, I can confirm that he is a talent and certainly has pace. But I’m also going to be honest and say that the premiership is a big step up from the J-League so we might have to be patient with him. Still, I really hope this goes through!”

What’s likely to happen?

Who knows.

At this point, this is about all the information we have but the player and both clubs seem keen so there seems little to stop it other than a change of heart from one of the three parties involved.

Watch him in action: